Worst 0-4 Team?

The list of teams without a win in the NFL is as follows after week 4(record after week 4 last season):

  • Indianapolis Colts(2-2)
  • Miami Dolphins(2-2)
  • St. Louis Rams(2-2)
  • Minnesota Vikings(1-3)

Based on last season to this season, interesting that not even the Mighty-Manning Colts were better than 2-2 after Week 4.  The obvious reason for the Colts poor start is the lack of planning for a game plan that doesn’t involve Peyton Manning. I believe Curtis Painter got jobbed by the Colts signing Kerry Collins before the season started. Painter has been in the system for three years and knows the offense. This, in my eyes, makes the Colts a better contender than signing a has-been to the roster right before the season starts.

Curtis Painter – QB, Indianapolis Colts ♣

Painter did not look terrible in Monday night’s contest against the Bucs. He had a very nice sideline zip pass to Garcon for a touchdown and another later in the game. He wasn’t efficient with his passes(13-30) but the ones he did complete counted. He fumbled the ball once and lost it but did not throw an interception. According to the new QBR(Quarterback Rating) out of 100, Painter had a 37.8 in week 4. That was better than 10 other quarterbacks this week(Rex Grossman, Ben Roethlisberger, Kevin Kolb, Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Sam Bradford, Blaine Gabbert, Jay Cutler, and Mark Sanchez). Teams that won with quarterbacks that fared worse than Painter were as follows: Redskins-Grossman, Bears-Cutler, 49ers-Alex Smith, Bengals-Andy Dalton, and Ravens-Joe Flacco.

Kerry Collins’ Total QBR for the first 3 weeks was a meager 13.6! I realize that the Painter sample size is small, but he should have been given the nod from the Colts staff right away as he was preparing to be the starting quarterback if Manning could not get on the field come Week 1.

Let us take a look at the stat lines from Collins and compare it to Painter’s stat line from Monday night: *Old QB Rating

PAINTER: 13-30 281 YDS 43.9% 2TD 0INT 99.4RAT*

COLLINS(3WKAVG) 48-98 481 YDS 49% 2TD 1INT 65.9RAT*

Granted this is not a large sample size by any means, but Painter seems to be on a pace much better than Collins. I understand the Colts thinking in bringing in Collins, but he is a washed-up, has-been, recovered(?) alcoholic. I would put my money and season on the guy who has known the offense for three years, moves better, and throws harder than the guy who is old, decrepit, and memory loss like a dementia patient on an all day binge-er.