Gamblor’s Picks NFL Week 6

We are already at week 6 in the NFL and a lot of surprise records so far. How about the Lions at 5-0 and 49ers at 4-1?! No one saw that coming. How about the Eagles at 1-4?! No one saw that coming either. Hence why sports betting can be a blast, and have you wanting to end it all at the same time.

Here are Gamblor’s picks for the week:

~St. Louis Rams @ Green Bay Packers; LINE -14 PACKERS~

The Packers have no problem in this game and easily cover the -14 spread. GB at home should put up at least 35 points in this one and I would be shocked to see the Rams score 10; I’ll give it to them in my good graces because I like Bradford. In the end I like the Packers to RAM it up their ass. Prediction: Rams 10-Packers 38

~Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers; LINE -12.5 STEELERS~

Once again, another game in which I can’t believe the line is only -12.5. Jacksonville ranks dead last in passing yards and their defense has been mediocre and downright scary at times. The worst passing team in the Jaguars meets the best passing defense in the Steelers. MJD can’t get it done all day so I see this as a blowout. Big Ben rapes the Jags for a win.  Prediction: Jaguars 3-Steelers 24

~Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins; LINE -3 EAGLES~

Yes the Eagles are 1-4, and the Redskins are 3-1 but the smart man here says to himself, “Michael Vick is frustrated and he is looking for redemption”. Who better than to crush a division rival who they absolutely blew off the field last year? The Eagles simply CANNOT lose to Washington and they won’t. In fact, I predict they cover the spread easily and decimate Sexy Rexy and the Skins. Michael Vick unleashes his dogs on the Skin’s and sends them running. Prediction: Eagles 38-Redskins 13.

~San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions; LINE -4 LIONS~

Here is the best game of the week in crappy opinion. The unbeaten Lions face a great shocker in the 4-1 49ers. Alex Smith has played like a stud but I think that changes in week 6 as the Lions maul the shit out of the 49ers. Megatron is going to have a huge day and Stafford will pull his head out of his rectum and get the prairie boy sunshine hair out of his face in the first half for a change to rout the 49ers. Prediction: 49ers 17-Lions 34

~Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons; : LINE +4.5 PANTHERS

I am going to take the Panthers to not only cover the spread, but to win in this one. Matty Ice and the Falcons have played like absolute dog shit this season, while the Panthers have actually played very well despite their record. I think the Panthers are due for a win, and they get it done in Atlanta against a reeling team. Prediction: Panthers 24-Falcons 17

~Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals; LINE +7 COLTS

I know the Colts are win-less, but they haven’t played like a win-less team as of late. Curtis Painter has looked very good his last 2 weeks, and they just couldn’t finish on the Chiefs. The Bengals look decent with Dalton and Green racking up plenty of offense, but something tells me they hit a cog this week with the Colts. I am going say the Colts fall short once again BUT they cover the spread. Prediction: Colts 17-Bengals 20

~Buffalo Bills @ New York Giants; LINE +3 BILLS

I can see why the bookies are scared of this one. The Giants are just as skeptical as the Bills, and they get the nod because they are at home. Fitzy has been unusually good this season, hence the hot start for the Bills. WHAT ABOUT FRED FUCKING JACKSON EH?! I think the Giants pissed away last weeks game to the Seahawks and they piss this one away too. Prediction: Bills 24-Giants 17

~Cleveland Browns @ Oakland Raiders; LINE -6.5 RAIDERS

I will let Carl take this one away.

~Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens; LINE -7 RAVENS

This game would have been much more intriguing with Andre Johnson for Matt Schaub to pass to because, Jacoby Jones sucks as a #1 WR. The Ravens offense is nothing to marvel at, but god damn can their defense stop offenses and score! See the NY Jets game. I believe the Ravens at home will have enough of an edge to peck their way down the field and score. Prediction: Texans 17-Ravens 20

~Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots; LINE -6 Patriots

Tony Romo will play like ass because he can’t handle big game situations. EXCEPT MAYBE ONE TIME. Tom Brady is going to dissect this Cowboys defense like every other team, I even think Ocho finally has his breakout game and snags a touchdown since Rob Ryan will have Welker double teamed all game. -6 only for the Pats? I don’t know why everyone can’t stopping hugging Romo’s nuts closer than his own thighs. Prediction: Cowboys 24-Patriots 38