Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets

Another Monday, another start of a work week, another MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME! Thank the heavens we can enjoy Rex Ryan’s tubby ass screaming like a madman at his mediocre football team that he claims to be the best thing since sliced bread.  The Dolphins are not a terrible team, well maybe after Matt Moore had to step in after Henne suffered a separated shoulder against the Chargers on October 2nd they are. Brandon Marshall claims he wants to be ejected he is going to play with so much passion; maybe he will get his wish after he drops a bobbled pass and Revis takes it to the house. He will be so angry with his own shitty play he will start a fight and then be ejected. Wow. Great plan. “Hope you guys win, I’m a moron.” That is, if Matt Moore can even get him the ball. I expect Rex to bring the hurt on defense tonight.  They will confuse Moore with a lot of different looks and blitz packages. Daniel Thomas is questionable if he will play tonight and Reggie Bush cannot handle the workload up the middle which means Lex Hilliard will get some carries as well. I don’t see either back being productive against the Jets tonight. I would be surprised if the Dolphins get over 200 yards of total offense tonight. I predict a pummeling with the Jets in front 27-10.