NFL Picks Week 7

Teams on bye: Eagles, 49’ers, Bills, Bengals, Patriots, Giants

Seattle @ Cleveland:

Charlie Whitehurst gets the start for the ‘Hawks in the weekly stinker. Look for the Cleveland defense to finally step up. The Seahawks might have a fighting chance if this game were in the Emerald City with the 12th man in place, but the dog pound will prevail.

Browns 23 – Seahawks 13

Atlanta @ Detroit

In one of the better matchups of the day, throwing the ball will be key for both teams. Lions defensive front vs. Matt Ryan and no Julio Jones. Matt Stafford taking the law of the fake lawn into his own hands with Javid Best being out and Jerome Harrison out with a brain tumor. Lions get back to “winning ways” in a tight one.

Lions 31 – Falcons 28

Denver @ Miami

Another stinker. Matt Moore is no good. We have yet to see if Tebow is any good. Most exciting story line might be the Fish HONORING (smh) Tim Tebow and his former teammates with the National Champion Florida Gators.

Broncos 17 – Dolphins 9

San Diego @ New York Jets

The coaches just need to shut up (that’s par for Rex Ryan) and let the players play in this game. Enough with dive Head Coaches (point point point REX).

Chargers 24 – Jets 18

Chicago @ Tampa Bay (In London)

Hopefully both of these teams can avoid jet lag and play a decent game. Bucs fans better pray that their team will come out firing like a Mexican death squad since they’re giving up a home game to go to bloody old England. Running game should be focused on, and Matt Forte will come out ahead.

Bears 26 – Buccaneers 21

Green Bay @ Minnesota

The Vikings are going nowhere but down, fast. Christian Ponder is not the answer, and Aaron Rodgers is very familiar with the Nords defense, AND playing on carpet? Packers will roll to 7-0.

Packers 45 – Vikings 13

Washington @ Carolina

In a game that has yet another QB change, John Beck in for Rex Grossman, it will be difficult for the ‘Skins to get ahead of Cam Newton and the Panthers. Beck might struggle, but don’t look for Washington to put Sexy Rexy back in, even if it turns out to be a blowout.

Panthers 31 – Redskins 17

Houston @ Tennesse

The Texans have never played all that well in Nashville, and Matt Hasselbeck has been a nice surprise. No AJ for Houston = Titans win at home.

Titans 20 – Texans 16

Kansas City @ Oakland

Ouch. Who do you go with? The Raiders with Kyle Boller? Inconsistant KC offense with a banged up D? I’ll have to lean toward Oakland and Darren “Monster” McFadden. Don’t be surprised to see Carson Palmer at some point today either, even if he isn’t starting and has only been there for less than a week.

Raiders 24 – Chiefs 14

Pittsburgh @ Arizona

The people in the know think Beanie Wells will go off due to an injury on the Pitt D-line? Noooot quite.

Steelers 27 – Cardinals 7

St. Louis @ Dallas

Injuries on both sides will not help either teams cause, but Dallas has a lot more talent. Brandon Lloyd is a nice peice for the Rams, but he’ll have to wait for Sam Bradford who is inactive this week with a high ankle sprain. This will probably end up being a laugher thanks to A.J. Feely

Cowboys 33 – Rams 6

Indianapolis @ New Orleans (Sunday Night)

Two dome teams, one with an All-Pro QB, and one with an All-No QB. Saints will come marching into the Mercedes-Benz (uuugghh) Superdome, and won’t need an onsides kick to help them get momentum towards a win. Sean Peyton will be in the press box, and that will be a negative for New Orleans. That will be the only one.

Saints 31 – Colts 15

Baltimore @ Jacksonville (Monday Night)

Blaine Gabbert is still learning and inaccurate. The Jags have MJD, but they will probably have to be playing catchup most of the night with the passing game. Look for the Ravens Ray Rice to have a huge first half, and half-baked Ricky Williams to get a decent amount of playing time to grind the clock.

Ravens 37 – Jaguars 13