MLB Play-offs: World Series Game 6

If interest arises for Game 6 of the 2011 World Series that is scheduled for tonight in St. Louis, it’ll be a feat in itself.  Storylines are abundant, yet I can’t seem to get onboard with what is being offered at the baseball dinner table.

Yes, as a Brewers fan I am a bit bias.  Yes, as a Tony La Russa hater I am a bit MORE bias.  That being said, I know that I am able to be somewhat objective when it comes to our national pastime.  In order to write this article, I don’t have a choice but be objective about how I view something that I think the best thing to come out of it is the green and gold MLB logo.

So here we go.  I’ve avoided it long enough.  It’s Game 6, I must be heard now.

The Rangers are up 3 games to 2.  This is in no way a surprise.  We’d be more surprised if another “reality singing” show DIDN’T come on our television airwaves.  What is surprising is how hot the Cardinals continue to be as a carryover from the end of the regular season to the postseason.  The fact that La Russa continues to make excuse after excuse about what happens when his team loses is old, battered, out of touch with the sophisticated man, and definitely redundant.  You can’t see bullpen and who’s up and throwing?  The phone doesn’t work?  You can’t hear the phone?  When your bullpen coach shouts for someone to get up, he’s too moronic to make sure it’s the guy that was asked for on the phone?  Many questions are brought to mind.  Don’t ask old Auntie Tony any of those questions because surely has a rebuttal for you that will explain why it wasn’t his team’s fault.  According to him, the Cardinals should be 174-0 at this point without question.  But damn it, it’s not their fault!  Anyone beginning to see the bias?  Anyone agree with me yet?

I digress.  With unlikely heroes like Mike Napoli, and Albert Pujols looking something like Babe Ruth or Reggie Jackson, I suppose this has been a good series.  I’ll stay locked into it over the next few days in order to sharpen my objective knife.  I may even watch all of Game 6 and a if necessary Game 7, but only if it is a tight back and forth tennis-like match, and the do-or-die aspect is played with starting pitchers coming in to save the day.  AND if Auntie Tony keeps his postgame comment light and clichéd.  OR, if Missouri’s favorite Auntie shuts his mouth all together.