Congrats, I guess

It seems that every post season in Major League Baseball we are bombarded with the “Is this the best World Series, ever?” routine. I am willing once again to put on my objectivity cap and say that the 2011 series between the Rangers and Cardinals was memorable. Carpenter pitched a Game 7 gem on 3 days rest, Napoli showed true grit at and behind the pate with an ankle injury, Cruz burned a post card into the Rangers fans brain like a Texas cattle branding iron by missing a warning track screamer in Game 6, Freese became a legend and new favorite in the city of St. Louis. Yet still I only have one thing on my mind…


I am apathetic because of what makes this game great.  Loyalty. I have a life long tie to a team in the same division as the current title holder. I would bet that Honus Wagner baseball that is in those Audi commercials (if it were real) that Brooklyn Dodgers fans were pretty damn apathetic when the hated Yankees were winning championships. I won’t back down from this, nor will I feel ashamed for this.

As the hot stove season approaches, I will continue to be as objective as possible. I certainly am not the first to talk about any sport trying to get it to the masses whether it be through radio, tv, or print that has had a love for a team and let it be known while trying to be an objective surveyor of sport.

So with that I say: Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans. It is a talented team, with passionate fans, and the redbirds played better than anyone else. Enjoy it. I guess…