Gamblor’s Early Game Week 9 Picks

Well well well, here we are with another fabulous week of NFL football, and I have just rolled out of bed in time to give you my picks for the week, and hopefully to make you some MF’in’ money!

Atlanta Falcons @ Indianapolis Colts= Falcons-6.5

TAKE IT! The Colts are god ****ing awful this season.  Curtis Painter will be playing from behind early, forcing him to throw the football, and we know this will spell disaster because, well, he just plain blows goat.

Tamp Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints= Saints -8.5

Earlier in the season I would have been excited for this game, but what the hell has happened to Josh Freeman? I know I was high on him in many of my fantasy leagues this year, and guess what? The leagues I took him in for my QB later in the rounds, I am not winning. Thank god I took Michael Vick in the leagues that mattered. Breesy and company will take care of business as usual. I predict them to come out firing after playing like garbage against a Rams team last week that they clearly looked right past. TAKE THE SPREAD.

Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans= Texans -10.5

Does this really need analysis? Moving on….

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills= Bills-3

This would be Jets easy if Sanchez was not their quarterback. Christ, Doug Flutie could come back at 49 years old and wing the pigskin stronger than Sanchez can. Sexy Fitzy will have his hands full with Revis Island covering Steve Johnson, but Chandler has been outstanding this season. I am actually going to take the Bills here with the spread, because I think Rex Ryan needs to shut his cakehole after the Bills dismantle him. Bills -3!

Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs= Chiefs -4

Once again, a snooze fest. I can see watching this game in HD purely for the clash of pretty colors. Yes that’s right, I said pretty. The Dolphins are terrible, especially without Henne. I can’t believe I just gave Henne credit, but I did. Cassel and Bowe should be able to handle the Dolphins downfield quite efficiently. I can’t believe this spread isn’t at least 2 points more, so take the Chiefs here!

San Francisco 49ers @ Washington Redskins= 49ers-4

This spread actually seems accurate despite the 2 teams records and opponents played. Harbaugh has Smith looking like an actual quarterback and well…the Redskins are playing Beck. *slams face into wall* JOHN BECK?! Oh yeah, the other option was Rex Grossman. Nevermind. I would have been a prick and played Rex all season to try and break the record of 42 passes intercepted in a season set by George Blanda. Grossman at 4 picks a game could have decimated that. Take the 49’ers here with ease.


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