Monday Night Football Week 9: Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles

It’s that time of year again where we proceed to ask ourselves: Why are the Bears on Monday Night Football? 

The simple answer in that they played in the NFC Championship game last year and are the defending NFC Central champs.  More over, they are on MNF because this is not the prime time set up that is allowed to flex their games late in the year (like it’s much stronger counter-part on NBC).  Anyway, we’re stuck with a quarterback whom is so gently refered to by one blog as “Cutlerfucker”

Ok, really, anyway…

Given the fact that the Eagles defense will only have one real weapon to deal with, Bears RB Matt Forte, the good money would be on the Eagles, but not so fast.  Matt Forte has launched himself to being a top 5 producer from the running back position.  The fact that the Philadelphia defense is ranked 17th against the run, Forte has a great chance to go off in the running and passing game.

Then there is Michael Vick and the gang.  Vick can be a dynamic player, but if there is one person in the league that can at least contain him, it’s Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.  Look for Urlacher and fellow linebacker Lance Briggs to do anything in their power to contain Vick from running rough shot, and bottle up the NFL’s leading rusher in LeSean McCoy.

Neither defense has played all that well so we could be in for another Packers/Chargers-esk shoot out.  Don’t look for the final score to be 45-38, however.

Eagles 27 – Bears 17


One thought on “Monday Night Football Week 9: Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles

  1. My esteemed colleague has picked the correct team to win, but I believe this is a blowout. Mostly because I need 30 points from Michael Vick tonight to win in our fantasy football matchup. Lets go, Eagles 45-Bears 10.

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