Gamblor’s Guide to Poverty…or Wealth-NFL Week 10

It’s time for me to guide you through another week of NFL games that bookies love to see, kind of. Lets get started!

Cardinals @ Eagles LINE: -13.5 Eagles

SNORE. Or maybe not. Not if you want to see what an angry Eagles team looks like after trying to avenge a loss to the Bears on MNF last week. I would take the spread here as the Cardinals have been playing better, but not enough to make a difference against a highly potent Eagles offense led by Vick and the ever elusive LeSean McCoy.

Ben Roethlisberger

Steelers @ Bengals: LINE -4 Steelers

This seems to be a pretty generous and safe line for the Steelers against a winning Bengals team, granted these wins have come against come pretty shitty teams( Browns, Jaguars, Colts, Seahawks, Titans). In fact the only quality win I see here is against the Bills and it was a close one at 23-20. The Steelers on the other hand, oh wait, ALSO WINS AGAINST SHITTY TEAMS (Seahawks, Colts, Jaguars, Cardinals). Only quality win is New England, but they have lost twice to Baltimore. I guess this line is pretty accurate upon retrospect. I still take Big Ben over rookie Andy Dalton however. Lets go Steelers in the end for just the moneyline of -210.

Broncos @ Chiefs: LINE -3 Chiefs

This is also a pretty accurate line, with upset potential(used lightly) because both teams are not very good. Lets see if God can nurse Tebow through another game to a win or maybe God is too busy smiting Jerry Sandusky. Chiefs as a spread favorite.

Blaine Gabbert

Jaguars @ Colts: LINE -3 Jaguars

It may not be well-known to the public, but we at BLFC know of my love for everything Jacksonville, and even I am not confident in beating the shitty Colts! What does that say when a diehard fan is contemplating picking against his own team? They aren’t very good either and I can admit that. I would actually take this game as an upset, and I am going to right now. Painter has not looked that awful, and the weapons available will be enough. Gabbert will have issues today as he has all season with a receiving core that would maybe be acceptable to a IAA team. Colts take this +3 against the spread.

Bills @ Cowboys: LINE -5.5 Cowboys

Huh? Must be because they are at home and everyone still thinks Tony Homo is a god of some sorts. Fred Jackson will have a field day despite what the pundits claim about the Cowboys run defense. Fitzpatrick will have a better game today and find Steve Johnson in the end zone. DeMarco Murray will run all day and be the spark plug Romo needs when trying to sell the run in play action. I’m not saying this won’t be a shootout, because it will. But I think I like the Bills here as a +5.5 line pick.

Texans @ Buccaneers: LINE -4 Texans

I think this is a relatively safe pick all day as Schaub still outclasses Freeman, and lets not forget about the two-headed monster in Tate and Foster. I think Cushing gets to Freeman twice today starting early and turns him into a head case. This is a nice matchup on paper however. The Bucs are a quiet 4-4 although many of us thought they would be a nice 6-2 by now but Freeman has been a let down so far this season. Take the Texans easily by -4.

Titans @ Panthers: LINE -3.5 Panthers

Cam Newton is at home, and he will pick apart the Titans as Chris Johnson has been ineffective this season after a holdout(idiot). Hasselbeck has shown he still has plenty left in the tank but losing Kenny Britt was a big blow to the Titans offense. I like the Panthers in a blowout here actually, despite what the line says.

Rex Grossman (courtesy

Redskins @ Dolphins: LINE -4 Dolphins

Who cares was my initial thought, and then I saw Grossman was starting again. LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF, is what I will be doing watching him throw interceptions and getting sacked all game. He. Sucks. Out. Loud. Worst decision since Ecto-Cooler stopped being made. Yes I compared him to a juice box, which seems to be about accurate. Hard box on the outside, a tub of green watered jello on the inside. I see the Redskins getting trounced here, even if it was Beck starting, but I can’t hold back on a Sexy Rexy rip. Take the line of -4 Dolphins.

Saints @ Falcons: LINE -1 Saints

Holy dog shit a game that actually matters and is actually going to be exciting to watch. Can Matty Ice keep up with Cool Breesy? Doubtful. But he won’t have to if Michael Turner can help control the pace. I think this ends up becoming a low scoring affair in general, something like 21-17. Which team comes out on top for me is a total coin flip. Which is what I just did. It came out Falcons as I took them as heads for the home team. Lets roll Falcons +1.

Rams @ Browns: LINE -3 Browns

Not even going to waste my time. Take the Rams if Bradford starts, if not, Brown. Done.

Ravens @ Seahawks: LINE -6.5 Ravens

I don’t know why this isn’t a double digit spread, but I digress. Flacco and Co. will look to dismantle a Pete Carroll team that quite frankly still needs work. Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer at quarterback, but they have a few too many wins to bring in Andrew Luck at this point more than likely. The fact that I just mentioned next season means who gives a shit about this game. Raven by the spread easily.

Lions @ Bears: LINE -3 Lions

The 2nd meaningful game in my eyes this week, and it is going to be a close one, as much as I despise Cutler. Cutler’s shittyness is masked by Forte’s awesomeness. Forte alone will help keep the Bears in the game, like usual. Stafford and the Lions high-powered offense with Calvin Johnson will try to pull away, but they may not have enough time to distance themselves as Forte and the Bears will eat away the clock all game. I still like the Lions here with the spread.

Giants @ 49ers: LINE -3.5 49ers

I think this is an upset waiting to happen. Eli Manning has played fairly well this season and the Giants keep scoring with injuries stacking up by the bounds. Alex Smith and Frank Gore simply just won’t be enough. I honestly don’t want to overanalyze this game, and therefore I won’t. GIANTS + 3.5!!

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