NFL Picks Week 10

It’s starting to get serious for some teams in the league in week 10 so here we go…

Matt Schaub

Houston @ Tampa Bay

The Bucs have been bipolar this year and I don’t see Josh Freeman going toward the manic side of that to light up a much improved Texans defense, even without Mario Williams.  This game will come down to the running of the Foster-Tate train again as the Texans are without Andre Johnson for another week.

Texans 27 – Buccaneers 17

St. Louis @ Cleveland

This might be my yawn pick and it is definitely a “bleh” game.  Let’s hope Sam Bradford and the boys can give us a show cos we won’t get one from the Browns.

Rams 19 – Browns 7

Washington @ Miami

Yawn. Bleh. Hold on to your asses as Sexy Rexy returns as the starter today for the ‘Skins. Asses? ‘Skins? Sexy Rexy? Look out.

Dolphins 17 – Redskins 13

Arizona @ Philadelphia

The Cardinals have struggled all year and there are some fantasy experts saying that you should look to trade Larry Fitzgerald now.  With John Skelton the likely signal caller for the rest of the season, you might as well.  The Cardinals travel east to a hostile Philly, which will bode well for the dream team.  The Eagles will win and all the Andy Reid/Mike Vick chubby-chasing/dog haters will say that the NFC East is there’s again.  Pump the brakes.  It’s one game, against a crapper.  John “Crapper” Skelton.

Eagles 33 – Cardinals 16

Tennessee @ Carolina

This is a hard one to call, and probably will be one of the better games to watch in the early afternoon.  Cam Newton has been unbelievable, Chris Johnson hasn’t.

Panthers 21 – Titans 20

Denver @ Kansas City

Can Tim Tebow continue to beat teams with the option wishbone offense?  If anyone can figure it out, it’s Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.  It will be tough for Tebow to pull that crap on the road at Arrowhead.  Look for him to rush for over 100 yards again either by design, or simply running for his life again.

Chiefs 23 – Broncos 14

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

A lot of the pundits are saying this game will be the Colts first win.  No.  Curtis Painter still sucks, and Jim Irsay is crazy.  The guy said Al Davis came to him in a dream last night to tell him that his team would win.  When was the last time ANYONE took what Al Davis said to heart? AND the fuckin’ guy is dead.  The Jags defense is too good so keep dreaming, Jim.  And just for that, I’ll bury you right along with ol’ Al.

Jaguars 36 – Colts 6

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

Are the as Michael Irvin says “Bingils” for real?  Real enough for a young team.  Not real enough for a division contender.  The “gils” haven’t played the Steelers OR Ravens yet.  Take a breath, Andy Dalton and AJ Green are good, but they will come back to “erff” today.

Steelers 30 – Bengals 13

New Orleans @ Atlanta

Matt Ryan

These two teams like to beat up on each other and today will be no different.  Atlanta has won 3 straight and if they can stay hot, they will get the 4th in a row against the division leader.

Falcons 34 – Saints 31

Buffalo @ Dallas

Fred Jackson.  I know, I know.  But, Fred Jackson.

Bills 28 – Cowboys 23

Matt Forte

Detroit @ Chicago

Black and blue division will be mostly Honolulu blue this week.  Calvin Johnson won’t smash the ball against the ground on a touchdown (bullshit rule) to lose the game in the back of the end zone.  Matt Forte will be able to get yards, but Jay Cutler will be clown stomped.

Lions 24 – Bears 21

Baltimore @ Seattle

It’s never easy to travel to Seattle.  The Ravens looked good in their season sweeping game v. the Steelers, and it doesn’t matter who plays QB for the ‘Hawks.  They had better hope the lime green will distract Ray Lewis.

Ravens 22 – Seahawks 10

New York Giants @ San Francisco

I have flashbacks to 1990 when these two teams started 10-0 and faced off with each other in week 13 @ 10-1 and then again in the NFC Championship game.  The Giants went on to win the big game that year.  This too is a big one, a statement game for both if you will.  In a tight one…

Giants 27 – 49ers 26

New England @ New York Jets (Sunday Night Football – NBC)

They hate each other.  We here at the cake stand basically hate them both.  I’ll have to go with the name sake here in what will be another great game on SNF.

Patriots 29 – Jets 21

Look for Monday night’s Minnesota @ Green Bay game tomorrow!

P.S.- I think your name has to be Matt to be in the NFL.

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