Monday Night Football Week 10: Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

When I was a teenager the Green Bay Packers were relevent for the first time since the Lombardi era.  Everything changed when Brett Favre and Mike Holmgren arrived in Green Bay.  Division titles.  Super Bowl.

Not long after that, the Viking became relevent.  This put some Packers fans in a bit of pickle.  Who do you hate more?  The Bears or Vikings?  While the Packers/Bears rivalry is a classic one in all of sports, and the States of Wisconsin and Illinois have a disgust for each other, the Vikings win out on the hate scale.  Ask most Packers fans, they’ll tell you.

Tonight we will witness some electricity. 


Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is arguably the best running back currently in the NFL and he torched the once dominating Green Bay defense for 175 yards on the ground in their match up earlier this season.  If Christian Ponder can play keep away from Charles Woodson, the Pack might just be in for the scare of their lives.  They certainly don’t want to drop their frist game of the season to the lowly division rivals at Lambeau Field.

Aaron Rodgers

The other end of the electricity pole is, of course, Aaron Rodgers.  Forget Alex Rodriguez, Aaron is the new and only A-Rod.  Rodgers has done nothing but be outstanding and he is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.  Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield will return tonight,and D-lineman Jared Allen is having a monster year with 12.5 sacks.  Rodgers will have to have a third eye on his blind side to avoid a concussion, and a puke inducing dance celebration by Allen.

The week 7 game ended up being somewhat of a shootout, with Ponder getting his first start, and looking pretty damn good to prove his doubters wrong.  He will be that much more improved coming off the bye week.  All this being said, the Packers clearly have many things working against them. 

I’ll say that this will be close again.  Minnesota has absolutely nothing to lose, and will give Green Bay all they can handle.  Other than a couple of bright spots from individuals on both defenses, neither has played all that well this season which means we might actually get a decent Monday game for a change.  We will still have to deal with Gruden, but hey, even I’ve warmed up to Cris Collinsworth a little bit.  It’s going to take some time for Chuckie though.

Green Bay 38 – Minnesota 31