Thursday Night Football Week 11: New York Jets @ Denver Broncos

I’ve learned over my several weeks of picks that guessing scores in any NFL game is next to impossible.

You know what they say: Any given Sunday.

So, at least for this week I am abandoning the point scoring crystal ball.  Dionne Warwick I am not.  Nor do I proclaim to want to be just like Ms. Cleo.  Fuck her.

Now, down to the Jets and Broncos.  What do you think, will the thin air go straight to Mark Sanchez’s head?  Answer, no.  Helium is lighter.  Think about it for a minute.

Tim Tebow.  Bow to the T.  He’s a fantasy freak because he is pulling a version of Mike Vick (fuck him too) and scoring like a running back.  The Jets won’t allow that so what gives?  Maybe handing the ball off 30 times.  Nah.  If there is anything that Tebow might be able to do is bust off an 11 yard run and get his head ripped off so we can see Brady Quinn.  Hey why not?  We are already getting Matt Leinart, Tyler Palko, and possibly Vince Young.  Brady Quinn please report for under-performing backup quarterback justice league.

If Sanchez can keep the ball away from Champ Bailey the Jets should roll.  Let’s face it, eventhough the Broncos are in contention for the AFC West, the AFC West is awful.  If the Jets even get behind in this game it will be an embarrassment.  Denver has talent on defense, but so do the Jets.  Ball control for both teams will be key.  The Jets will overcome the light air.  They might even overcome the atmosphere in Denver.

Jets over Broncos