NFL Picks Week 11

Most sports writers say wait until Thanksgiving to really see where teams stack up.  We’ve heard this a lot about the Packers and Colts, who are on opposite sides of the rainbow.  Thanksgiving week is upon us, and I will be thankful if I get more than 50% of picks correct this week.  Remember, I’m just selecting winners here this week as I did with the Broncos/Jets game (FAIL).

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

Andy Dalton

Going into last week, the Bengals hadn’t matched up with their division rival Steelers or Ravens and looked pretty good.  Now we’ve seen what they can do as they hung tough with the Steelers and nearly pulled out a victory.  The Raven hung tough with the Seahawks too, but that’s not a team to be proud of just hanging tough against.  Ravens are back home now, but their ego is bruised, Flacco hasn’t played all that well, and they’ll be without the heart and soul of their team, Ray Lewis, who is inactive today.  Someone will be hanging tough again, it just might not be who you expect.

Bengals over Ravens

Jacksonville @ Cleveland

We can only hope to get some good action out of young quarterback’s Colt McCoy and Blaine Gabbert because the rest of the respective teams are not that good.  An odd idea is that the Browns defense is ranked 1st vs. the pass, but 30th against the run.  Lots of MJD?  Absolutely.  A few turnovers that can be attributed to Gabbert?  Yes.

Browns over Jaguars

Carolina @ Detroit

Matt Stafford (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

Cam Newton will get the chance to show his acrobatic circus show to us on the carpet at Ford Field as a preview to the high-flying stunts that will take place there on Thanksgiving Day.  Matt Stafford’s hand is banged up, but it shouldn’t matter.  The Lions were embarrassed by the Bears so Megatron will have to out play Chris Gamble in order to score enough points to keep up with Newton.

Lions over Panthers




Tampa Bay @ Green Bay

The battle of the Bay’s in not a fishing competition.  The only angling that will happen is back shoulder passes from Aaron Rodgers to 10 different receivers.  The Bucs defense against opposing QB’s and WR’s is awful, and I doubt Josh Freeman will have enough to try to play catch up with an undefeated team that is rolling.

Packers over Buccaneers

Buffalo @ Miami

Buffalo, like Detroit, was also embarrassed by their week 10 opponent.  The Cowboys put 44 and the once double-jointed offense of the Bills sputtered out and managed only 7.  The Bills are probably not as good as they have been, but they’re better than that.  Oh and, Matt Moore still sucks.

Bills over Dolphins

Oakland @ Minnesota

So part of me wants the Raiders to lose so that the crappy Broncos and their delusional fans, in their crappy division (AFC West), in their crappy conference (AFC) can vault into first place.  I want it.  I want it bad.  It could happen.  Yes the Vikings still have Adrian Peterson, and Christian Ponder has looked decent, and their defense is decent enough.  I just can’t get on board with the Raiders.

Vikings over Raiders

Dallas @ Washington

I’m sure these two teams will play the “Who has an uglier ‘road’ uni so the ‘Skins will probably wear white just to piss of Jerry Jones.  Whatever.  Please, please let Rex Grossman play the entire game.  Many times that is the most entertainment of the weekend.  Sad, I know.

Cowboys over Redskins

Arizona @ San Francisco

I know I said John Skelton’s middle name was “Crapper” last week and I apologize to Cardinals fan who really believe in him.  The Cardinals went on the road to Philly and beat a better Eagles team.  This week’s road trip won’t fair as well.

49’ers over Cardinals

Seattle @ St. Louis

What can I say about this one?  Seattle thrives on their fans, and they won’t be there to help them this week.

Rams over Seahawks

Tennessee @ Atlanta

Matt Hasselbeck

This will be a good matchup, and other than the Beglas/Ravens, maybe the most fun of the week.  Matt Hasselbeck has taken the crown of the best QB in the AFC South (Yikes!) and Chris Johnson actually showed up in week 10 helping the Titans smack the Panthers 30-3 with 130 ground yards and a touch.  If he can continue that, and the Titans D can hold the Matt Ryan and the Falcons in check long enough, an upset will brew.

Titans over Falcons

Chargers @ Bears

Rivers (Jughead).  Cutler (Mope McDope).  This will be an event on stupid, disbelieving looks from under center all afternoon.  Good thing Mr. Mope still has Matt Forte.

Bears over Chargers

Philadelphia @ New York Giants (Sunday Night Football – NBC)

Vince Young drops back to pass, pumps once then scrambles, steps up, hit from behind! FUMBLE!  The dream needs to pack it up fro the season and work on some chemistry in the off-season.  And buy Michael Vick (fuck him) a better flack jacket will you please.  I’m tired of Vince Young.  Just go lie down on a railroad track if you can’t handle it in the NFL and you’re depressed and suicidal.

Giants over Eagles

Look for the Monday Night Football pick (Kansas City @ New England) tomorrow!