NFL Picks Week 12

You’ll just have to trust me when I say that I don’t intend to miss lead you.  Making picks for football games should be fun for all of us.  I won’t make the excuse that there are a lot of injuries, and there are, I’ll just make the picks.

Minnesota @ Atlanta

The Vikings will be without Adrian Peterson, and Toby Gerhardt will be the man on fire along with Christian Ponder.  Can the Falcons keep everything together, or will they keep slipping slowly lower into the void of missing the playoffs?  Matt Ryan should have all his weapons back and healthy now.

Falcons 23 – Vikings 17

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

The battle of Ohio.  I’m sure people in the rest of the country care… The fact of the matter is that it is exciting to see Andy Dalton and AJ Green, but they are still a ways away from being really good in the AFC North.  Dalton should consider taking his tiger helmet off and confusing the Browns defense.  His head already looks their helmet.

Bengals 24 – Browns 10

Carolina @ Indianapolis

Cam Newton (AP Photo/Gary I. Rothstein)

Ugh.  I never thought I’d say this even though I’ve touched on it before, thank God for Cam Newton.  I believe he’ll be the only difference maker today and as much as I want to say that the Colts get their first win, I just don’t know.

Panthers 16 – Colts 13





Houston @ Jacksonville

Matt Leinart gets his next shot, and probably his last, to show he can play in the NFL.  He’ll have to do it against a pretty good defense in JAX.  The Jags always play the Texans hard, but Andre Johnson is back this week, rested – and pissed.  Oh yeah, Arian Foster plays there, too.

Texans 29 – Jaguars 24

Buffalo @ New York Jets

What would have been a great matchup has turned into a turd.  The Bills have looked awful and can only hope their D keeps them in games (which shouldn’t be too hard vs. Mark Sanchez), Fitzy pulls his head out his ass, and CJ Spiller shows the explosiveness that he supposedly has.

Jets 27 – Bills 14

Arizona @ St. Louis


Rams 20 – Cardinals 13

Tampa Bay @ Tennessee

LeGerrette Blount (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

The Titans have a lot of injuries and while that shouldn’t be an excuse, it is.  There is also no excuse for Chris Johnson anymore.  I’ll bet the Titans wish they held on to LeGerrette Blount.  LeGerrette Blount also needs to hold on to the ball.

Buccaneers 21 – Titans 20





Chicago @ Oakland

Raiders fans would use Caleb Haney as a sacrificial infant if they could get his hands on them.  Haney played well in the NFC Championship game last year vs. the Packers, but this will not be the same.  Lovey Smith is delusional in saying Jay Cutler is one of the best QB’s in the league.  Not true.  Matt Forte is one of the best runners though.  This will be tight, especially with Carson Palmer becoming more comfortable.  No Darren McFadden still for the silver and black.

Bears 19 – Raiders 17

Washington @ Seattle

Can I say next twice in one post?  Yes I can.  NEXT!

Seahawks 16 – Redskins 7

New England @ Philadelphia

The Dream Team.  Vince Young.  They played a scrappy game against the Giants, but that funnel loving bastard Brady will not let them keep their crown this week.  Nnamdi Asmougha injured his knee in practice early this week and was listed as questionable.  Even if he does play, he won’t be as effective.

Patriots 31 – Eagles 21

Denver @ San Diego

Is anyone else sick of the AFC West yet?  I am.  This will actually be an interesting game.  Can the run of the mill Chargers defense stop the collegiate option game of Tim Tebow?  Will he light it up?  Will we see Brady Quinn?  Will Jughead sling the ball around and route the Broncos like he should?  Will Tebow get Norv Turner fired after the game?

Broncos 24 – Chargers 21

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City (Sunday Night Football – NBC)

One quick question.  How did KC get all these prime time games?  Just because of a 10-6 record last year?  So?  Anyway, Tyler Palko didn’t look bad in his first start and he didn’t look great.  The Chiefs didn’t go and sign Clark Kent with Downs for no reason.  The Steelers are rolling and they are tough to beat late in the season.  The Chiefs still have something to play for, but it is after all just the AFC West.  Big deal.