The DJAX Saga

DeSean Jackson

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was shown by the NFL Network during Thursday night’s loss to the Seahawks to be portrayed as just not giving a shit. Eagles head coach Andy Reid defended his player because yeah, he has to.  Secretly we all saw Jackson completely ignore his quarterback, Vince Young, on the sideline. He blatantly admits in the post game interview that he is frustrated they aren’t winning and that they don’t have a winning record. Hmmm yeah, maybe because you have stopped caring about your game effort and committment to team after Michael Vick was injured, and Vince Young has been thrown into a volatile situation.

Jackson should be trying to talk to Young about routes and what they can do to develop chemistry to help this Eagles team win, especially if he wants that big payday in a contract year. Play your ass off you dummy. No one will want you if you are going to be a problem off the field and an even bigger one on it. He was shown lolligagging on routes not intended for him on deep ball clears in which he should be acting as a decoy. You aren’t a distraction if you aren’t running! What a dead give away that the ball isn’t going your general direction. Oh, by the way, you may want to catch the passes that do come your way (See last week’s 2 TD pass drops against New England).

P.S. Nice hat you mope.