Monday Night Football: Rams @ Seahawks

The Rams have looked dogshit awful all season, especially with A.J. Feeley under center instead of Sam Bradford. This shouldn’t be a problem tonight but Bradford’s ankle looks pretty tender still. It will be a godsend to everyone who has Brandon Lloyd tonight for fantasy purposes, as he is Bradford’s favorite target since being acquired. Dear God seeing Kellen Clemens under center(insert hysterical laugh) would make me want to puke, sorry St. Louis fans. Lets just pray Bradford plays, and then this game may be watchable. Steven Jackson will be Steven Jackson, 100 yards at least and maybe a score, the usual workhorse since our offense blows bullshit.

Seattle Running Back Marshawn Lynch & His Grill

The Seahawks on the other hand have looked like a completely different team once Marshawn Lynch(The original Predator, sorry Rickie Weeks) has become the Lynch of old, a bruising runningback who does not shy away from contact. I would shy away from contact, have you seen this guys fucking teeth?! He has been a stud the last few weeks as he has kept Seattle in the mathematical playoff hunt, albeit very unlikely. Coach Carroll has some pieces starting to fall into place, even with injuries that have piled up at certain key positions such as Tarvaris and Rice. If this team was healthy, and found out Lynch had lots of life left, this team may be sitting with a winning record currently, and I would definitely be okay with that.

I didn’t have a lot of analysis for this game because, well, who cares? It’s the fucking Rams and Seahawks for Christ sakes.

Prediction: Seahawks 24-Rams 10