Eagles? Playoffs? I think yes.

Yes ladies and gentleman, those same Eagles who were 4-8 could still make the playoffs with some help and winning out! How about that shit?! It all starts with the Eagles and Michael Vick taking care of business for a 2nd time in Dallas this Saturday. If the Eagles win out by beating Dallas and Washington, and the Giants lose to the Jets, and then beat the Cowboys, the Eagles are NFC East Champs at a meager 8-8. This is a scary, scary Eagles team when all their components are clicking, and to be frank, I would not want to face them in the postseason. Vick looked much better after shaking off the rust and still being sore, and McCoy well…has been a stud all season. Using the playoff machine from ESPN.com, I have this situation set up, along with how the remaining games should play out. I have the Eagles playing at home against Atlanta. Eagles can win this game.

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, but I would find a Philadelphia Eagles team very dangerous, yes even to the reigning Super Bowl champion, Green Bay Packers. The Packers have finally shook the undefeated season curse and should be ready to roll to 15-1. I want to see a Packers-Eagles rematch, and hope that Michael Vick wipes the table and brings the Eagles to the Super Bowl this time around.  This would make one of my best friends cry while I get to revel in all my MV7 love, and proceed to blow up his phone and rub it in his face like a jackwagon, because apparently I love criminals in sports, and I am completely okay with that as long as they win on Sunday. Ron Mexico may have had herpes, but not Michael Vick right? Haha!

I am the person who wears my Michael Vick jersey to the zoo and never thought twice about it until my friend asked me, “Are you fucking insane?! Nevermind, don’t answer, that’s a yes.” I proceeded to chuckle as people gave me dirty looks as I proudly wore my jersey, because he is my favorite player of all time. Most people hate me for this, but I don’t care what he does off the field, he is a great football player and to me, that is all that matters to me on Sunday or Saturday in this case. He will get the job done against Tony Romo and the Cowboys. High scoring? You bet, but the Eagles will come out on top, en route to another playoff run in my mind. I will keep dreaming of a Packers loss to Michael Vick, who knows, I may just get it this year.