Thursday Night Football: Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

Die hard NFL fans revel in competition this time of year.  In 2011, this time of year is extra special.  With the college football slate being on hiatus until the big bowls start in early January, we get NFL football not only on Sunday and Monday, but Thursday and Saturday as well.  While Thursday football has been going for some weeks now, the Saturday games ensure that we not without pro football for more than 3 days a week.

That being said, some of the Thursday, and most of the Monday games have been stinkers.  The NFL went so far as to say that NBC would televise the night game on Thanksgiving next season, with the NFL Network losing that game.  My guess is that the ratings sucked enough for the change, but not enough to take games away from NFL Network altogether.  Keep all of this in mind as we, as NFL fans, try to focus on another turd of a game this Thursday evening.

Houston @ Indianapolis

T.J. Yates

The Houston Texans have had a revolving door at quarterback due to injury.  Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart were both lost for the season.  Many thought that the Texans season was lost, too.  Not so fast.  Enter T.J. Yates.  The North Carolina product helped Houston polish off their first division crown in club history, and put his foot in concrete as someone to be taken seriously as the playoffs start.




The Colts on the other hand… Yikes.  There seems to be some sentiment that Peyton Manning will receive an MVP vote or two given the falterings of the Colts.  That’s a bit insane from my point of view.  Then again, who said most sports writers were sane.  The only thing more funny than the Colts record and moronic writers voting Peyton Manning MVP is the large number of Colts fans, all wearing a different royal blue player jersey, who will show up to watch this game as me and the rest of the funnel cake gang head out for beer and wings tonight.  We just have to laugh when Donald Brown rips off a two yard run and the gaggle erupts from the south side of the bar.  Relax.

Even though the Colts grabbed their first win of the season, and new quarterback Dan Orlovsky is flying high, Indianapolis is still 1-13.  The Colts defense has been swiss cheese all year.  Their offense, unable to be consistent no matter what weapons they have.

The Texans have the #2 ranked rushing offense and it will be difficult for the Colts to stop it.  Houston still has something to play for – a first round bye.  Don’t expect them to take their foot off the gas for a second.  There will be no let up because of the chance at a bye, and the fact that they have been punched in the mouth for so long by Indy, they want to smash a few mouths, too.

Texans 31 – Colts 17