Trials and Tribulations of Gamblor

I love sports. I love adrenaline. I love chance. What better way than to combine all 3 of these elements into the tooth gnawing sensation of sports betting? Sure, go ahead and take Pittsburgh -500 against a team who you’ve never heard of, they should win. SHOULD DOES NOT MEAN WILL, JACKASS. As with anything in Gamblor’s life, I go on runs. One such run was winning 12 straight sports bets for a nice 150 dollar profit on Christmas Eve/Day. Chris shakes his head and loves to hear about it, I love the thrill of it. It makes sports that much more exciting to me and I have followed sports I never would have over the years because of it.

Do I have any advice when it comes to being a gambling baby? Sure. It doesn’t mean follow it, but I can definitely give you what I feel are tips.

Rule #1-NEVER GAMBLE YOUR ENTIRE BANKROLL ON ONE BET! This is the age-old rule of gambling on anything with chance, no matter what the odds are. You are better off using intuition and picking and choosing your favorite teams, than risking your entire bankroll on a -500 bet, only to have their star player get hurt and buttfuck your bankroll in the process.

Rule #2-When in doubt(this means don’t bet in case you were wondering) always pick the home team.

Rule #3- If in doubt on a game, always take the underdog spread. I’ve found this to be quite profitable, especially in games where the teams are from out of conference play. If you think Louisville will play well against NC State, but just aren’t sure NC State will crush them, take Louisville +4.

Rule #4- If you want to take all the favorites such as NBA or NFL, take them all in a parlay bet and only risk what you would have put into each original bet. If you were going to pick each team for 5 dollars…just combine those 5 picks to win 16 dollars instead of 5 dollars on each team individually to win 1.50 on each. The reward is greater, and MOST of the time each favorite wins.

Gamblor has had many trials and tribulations over the years, making upset picks, and losing favorites but I always have fun, and always play within my means. Hell, I took Wagner’s spread last week against Pittsburgh and looky there, BINGO! UPSET! I have also taken the Packers against Kansas City, and gotten raped.

It happens.