With Christmas come and gone we all move our focus to New Year’s Eve parties, traditions, and the all too infamous New Year resolutions. Speaking of which anyone seen the “new” movie New Years Eve? Me neither…

While I have never been one to make (or keep) any new year resolution myself I do understand their importance and why people make them.  Aside from birthday’s, the changing of the year may be the only time most of us look at where we are in life; what accomplishments we have reached, which ones we haven’t, those we’ have loved and lost, and what changes we can make for the new year.

I guess that’s the excitement of a New Year.  It is almost as if the slate gets wiped clean. Let’s admit it ladies, this time of year isn’t always our best face forward.  Whether we are single, divorced or married, we all have to juggle work, kids, holiday dinners, in-laws, shopping lines, babysitters and anything else that ends up on our plate; and do it with enough grace and poise so that everything seems to go off without a hitch. Men, you have to deal with us and I truly do apologize.  Did you wrap the presents, pick up so and so from the airport, remember the dry cleaner,  buy groceries (we know you’ll get the alcohol) and the inevitable “does this dress make my butt look big?” Little hint. Answer is always NO followed by “the color looks nice on you by the way.” It truly is an exhausting time of year.

The good thing is whether you celebrate New Year’s with family, friends, or just yourself, things always have a way of working out. You realize the old year wasn’t so bad and the new one is just beginning.  Those could have, should have, would have’s are gone, now the trick is to learn from that last go around.

No one dislikes thinking back on past mistakes more than me but if there is one thing I have learned in my 27 years is that you have to. You have to love and you have to communicate. I might not like your actions (Ryan Braun), but I still love you.  Let’s all remember that as the ball drops this year, you gotta love, and you gotta communicate. Guess I just found my New Years Resolution.

So, it is with much love and admiration. Welcome 2012.
Love me always, Double D.