Gronkowski, Be My Valentine!

 I am sure by now most people have seen the video of Rob Gronkowski dancing shirtless looking like a fool. Who cares? He was a beast on the field, and I am sure in the sack. Let’s ask porn star Bibi Jones after a photo surfaced with her wearing Gronkowski’s jersey standing next to a bare-chested Gronkowski. So these are his 2 “incidents” in a season full of marvelous play? WHO CARES! I am glad he is a normal 21-22 year old guy who did nothing but what the coaches asked for all season, and then some. So he is surrounded by beautiful women and knows how to bust a move on the dance floor after a marvelous season that ended in a Super Bowl defeat at the hands of Eli Manning and the mighty Giants, again I might add.  Why wouldn’t I want this guy to be my Valentine this year?

His attitude seems like one I would want in my locker room. He seems chippy, witty, energetic, hard-working, and fun-loving. Good. Let’s not turn this into a circus show. After hearing he had arthroscopic surgery on his injured left ankle, I can understand why this guy wanted to go all out at the post game party. He won’t be dancing for the next 10 weeks on the dance floor! As long as he comes back and has another good season I don’t think anyone will even remember these 2 “incidents.” Now, I say good in a light sense because teams will undoubtedly find ways to shut him down next season after a whole off-season to review tape, after tape, after tape of plays involving studly Mr. Gronkowski. A season that has half of his production from 2011 would probably be considered good in most teams eyes!

Rob, please be my Valentine.