It Figures (Life has a funny way)

Well here I had a good half an article written down all about my love of baseball and poof! One random click and I’m whisked off to some obscure website that has nothing to do with my blog post and hitting the back button brings me back to a blank page. So lets see if I can catch you up to where I had left off. Baseball rocks. My life sucks. And I can’t wait to move on with both. Baseball is a game of stats as every sport is, but to me it is so much more than that. I don’t love baseball because our pitcher has WHIP of some number and our super star has an OBP of whatever. No, I love baseball because it is an easily accessible sport that not only meets my needs of drama and competitive spirit but also allows me to socialize with wonderful people who share the same passions. Now let me make one thing clear, my life sucks but not because football season is over and my cable dilemma is preventing me from watching my smut and sports. No, my life sucks because of the choices I have made and the only way I know to rectify that is to make the right choices from now on (Ryan Braun. oh hell. Manny Ramirez!). I can only hope and pray that my actions will from here on out will speak for themselves. Take note you PED lovers.

Unlike baseball life does not have a commissioner to enforce the rules or a third-party to make ruling whether I should serve a 50 game suspension. Life has friends, family, and sports fans. Good or bad we will still fill those seats. So for me as we roll into baseball season I plan to be supporting my beloved Milwaukee Brewers, win or lose my ass will fill that seat, and I will try my best to enjoy those tailgates and cold beers, showing nothing but love sports, Brewers and family.

Side note: Jury still out on Manny Ramirez and apparently Lamar Odom (Sorry Khloe can’t really keep up with the Mavs when you’re on the D-list) Lots o love! #DoubleD