Spring to Life

ChrisOccasionally as sports fans we tend to get into a rut.  Given the popularity of the NFL in the United States, once it leaves us in February not to return until the fall, we are left with a big void to fill.

NBA basketball? Sure.  The NHL, ok.  But now is the time where we can all brighten our smiles –


Life springs anew.  Baseball in warm climates is well under way.  NFL free agency rips through the landscape like wild-fire.  NCAA tournament, enough said.  Even pro basketball and hockey are making playoff pushes by acquiring players at the last-minute.

It’s a great time to be a sports fan.

Most of the time in my region of the country we are still experiencing the tail end of the comet that is called winter.  Rarely is it as warm and sunny as it has been this year.  We are getting all the benefits of June, wrapped in an all sports candy shell.  The need to get outside to enjoy the rays and exchange the dusty, musty air in your winter dwelling lungs is tempered just a bit by being able to watch college athletics at its finest for nearly 12 hours across 4 different channels.

As for me, I’ll open every window and door I can, watch teams battle for the right to play in the “Sweet 16”, make headway on preparations for a baseball opening day extravaganza, and continue to bring sports analysis and commentary through the power of the written and spoken word.

And… I just might get some sun myself.