Te-BOW to the King

ChrisThe King of New York, that is.  At least for now.  Or should I say King of New Jersey?  Which ever one it is, he reigns supreme.  I say again… for now.

Tim Tebow arrived in New Jersey yesterday looking similar to Don King, just with a shorter rise in his hair.  The dapper suit and striking eyes made him look like something straight out of “New Moon”, but enough fawning over a back-up quarterback.

We all know that having more than one capable QB on an NFL roster is essential.  Take a look at the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs.  When Matt Cassel went down with a season ending injury, Tyler Palko was not the answer.  Kyle Orton was brought in from Denver and was able to beat a Green Bay team (their only loss on the year) that he couldn’t beat earlier in the season.  Maybe Brady Quinn will lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl title.  Seems like K.C. is running through ex-Denver QB’s faster than Fat Albert goes through triple cheeseburgers. 

But I digress.  I’m not here to talk about the Chiefs, Brady Quinn, or Fat Albert.  I’m here to talk about Tim Tebow and the New York Jets.

Tim was extremely excited to be at his press conference.  Little did I know that back-up anything’s got such full-court press.  Most of the national pundit’s said the same thing.  This was a circus full of all of the regalia.  If it were possible to have battleship’s firing cannons to glorify this man, I’m sure the Planes would have done it.  That’s why I have a problem with this.

What’s the problem?  Well, for starters, what does this mean for a franchise that has had middle-of-the-road playoff success with a lot of in-fighting and a moronic General Manager?  Absolutely nothing.  The Jets have only been relevent once since the Willie Joe Nameth era, and that was during the Chad Pennington years.  Not that fresh in your mind, is it?  The other problem is that it’s been shouted from all the coaches bullhorn’s that can be found in the New York/New Jersey area that this IS NOT a publicity stunt.  No?  Then why would you have signed Drew Stanton to a contract and promise him he would be the back-up?  If that was good enough at the time, why isn’t now?  What happened to Drew Stanton between the time he inked with the Planes and the time that Mr. Tebow became available (expendable really)?  Mr. Tannenbaum?  Are you out there? 

Now you could argue that if Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum thinks Tim Tebow is better than Drew Stanton and he upgraded a position he had already upgraded then he can’t be at fault, right?  Fine, I’ll give you that.  However, it really puts a spotlight on how dysfunctional this football family is.  They seemed to be grasping at flimsy twine with Tannenbaum having the biggest fingers.  Football upgrade?  I suppose considering Tebow has done nothing but win, but if you’re trying to tell me it isn’t to spark more interested in a stagnant club that wants so desperately to equal and overcome their big brother (the New York Giants), then you must be selling something. 

Tim Tebow is no idiot either.  He already knows that he is loved in the Jacksonville area.  The Jaguars are in a constant state of anxiety about their future.  He chose not to go to his hometown where he knew he would probably have little impact.  He chose a place where the management is so schizophrenic that he may just be landing that Jet by week 5 next season.

As for Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum, they had better pray harder and longer then Tebow every has or will again that this little experiment works no matter how they plan on utilizing their new toy.  If it doesn’t, they will most likely see themselves floating with the rest of the scum in one of those Jersey swamps. 

And Tebow?  He’s King.  He has taken over.  No ego in the Planes locker room will overshadow the media crush towards the Big Apple’s new Messiah.  So revel in it now, Lord Tebow.  They’ll turn on you just as fast as they knelt to you.  Enjoy it.  Be King.  For now…