Stupid or Ignorant

ChrisIf there were ever a time when constitutional law need to be brought to the forefront, this is not the time.  When Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen spoke outwardly of his “love” for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, it wasn’t his first amendment right that everyone was concerned with, it was the public relations nightmare that ensued after the fact.

The people of south Florida have exactly embraced the Marlins.  Part of the coldness factor was their lack of true stadium for baseball in that area.  The disconnect between the team and the community was supposed to be remedied by new construction, fists full of dollars to spend on the top free agents in the game, and a new leader that everyone could get behind not only because he has a World Series ring, but he is of Latin decent, just like many of the region’s population.

Things seemed to be well on their way toward baseball harmony.  The Marlins acquired big name and big money players, got their man as a leader in the clubhouse and dugout, and opened a beautiful new stadium.

Not so fast…

As we have learned in the Marlins past, the fans will jump off the proverbial deck of success just as quickly as they hopped onto it.  Lest we not forget that this young franchise has two World Series titles of its own, yet the team struggled to put butts in seats for many years.  When Ozzie made his comments, he immediately alienated supporters who are of Cuban decent.  Consider that the Cuban population in Miami is over 850,000 and will forever be growing given that Cuba is a stones throw from the shores of Miami. 

Ozzie is guilty moron and isn’t being punished for his outspoken rant.  Ozzie needs not be tried in a court of law as we are free to say what we like in this great country.  It only begs one question in my mind:

Is Ozzie Guillen stupid, or ignorant?

If he truly is that stupid and didn’t think what he said was a big deal, especially in Miami, then he deserves to be fired.  Anyone THAT stupid wouldn’t be allowed to manage any ball club I was involved with.  If ignorance is bliss in Ozzie’s case, then someone sure as hell better set him straight quick before he says anything else.  The trouble with that is that he knows no bounds, he’s been spouting idiotic things for years.  Even the club that he played short-stop for for eons (the Chicago White Sox) was tired of his mouth and sent him packing.

The truth is that Ozzie is both.  He is stupid for the fact that he keeps eating crow, expecting to be better every time.  He is ignorant for not realizing what soil he was even standing on when he made the Castro remarks.  If he made those same remarks in Alberta, Canada it would have made a rumble, but he did it in Miami and it caused an earthquake – and rightfully so.

So go ahead Ozzie, hang up that construction barrel orange hat and wait for your suspension to end.  Be prepared for what lies ahead.  On second thought, nevermind… I’m surprised you even found the hat or knew that you were supposed to wear it. 

I guess we will all have to just wait and prepare for what is next to fly out of the mouth of the ignorantly stupid Mr. Guillen.