Smell that?


That is the smell of contentment. Not because I’m almost done with school. No no my dear friends. That is because I am this much closer to enjoying my favorite summer past time–baseball. Let’s catch up with the headlines that have caught my attention this week (and I hope to investigate further next). Brian Wilson might be out for the season? What!? Aside for my Brewer’s pitching and maybe Tim Lincecum he was the only pitcher that striked my interest this year..sorry guys I’m more of a catcher fan if you catch my drift. Matt Kemp is having a great start. Well ya, we knew this was coming, though I have to say I am happy for the guy. He was pretty, whats the word Ozzie, mature? about the Ryan Braun thing so I wish him the best this season and hope he does well. Blah blah blah don’t care about Jeter or A-Rod. The Boston Red Sox drama has also caught my eye and I hope that Bobby V takes a lesson from Sean Peyton’s punishment clause and just says ‘no’ to press junkets. Speaking of football, no contact with the team or anyone else in the NFL? Really Goodell?! What’s the guy suppose to do? Might as well hook him up with Lindsay Lohan I’m sure she has an extra ankle bracelet. Ah well, I feel for the guy. I really do. NHL players get fined $2500 for a hit that could potentially put you out the rest of your life and a coach not only gets a year suspension without pay but now has a gag order? I give up. Where’s NASCAR when you need it..or golf, anyone seen the clip of Kevin Na cutting down a tree !? I’m impressed given the tight pants of the PGA. ( Yes I realize it’s old news but new news to me).

Enjoy this sports week my friends and beware of next. I will be school free and eager to hunt down the next big fashion blunder the Miami Marlin’s have to offer and the new town my beloved Lamar Odom has landed (with Khloe of course).