Willy Nilly


I’m not one for advice. Least for myself. I tend to be act now ask later and I can’t tell you how many times those actions have left me broken, crying and with so much anxiety over what I just did, I find myself writing articles, watching sports center, and throwing myself into anything that can keep my mind off of what I just did. Sound familiar? Well that is my day today, the technology of texting is not helping, and I can’t help but think of MWP–that’s Metta World Peace for those who can’t keep up with all the new acronyms.

Now I watched the hit MWP placed on James Harden with his elbow. Several times in fact. Since I am one of those people who act first think later I can honestly say I think that was one of those moments. The funny thing for me is that if you ask my opinion on something you should do before you do it I will move heaven and earth to make sure you have, in my humble opinion, the best advice possible. I weigh pros and cons, multiple out comes, and how those actions will perceived by said parties and the reactions you might have. Unfortunately for Metta and myself, we did not consult with someone. Now like I said, I watched that play. In my humble opinion MWP was celebrating and it got out of hand. He wasn’t looking for someone to clobber he was reacting to his “great act”. I will even go as far as say that even if Harden was Kobe Bryant I think that play still would have occurred.

Fair is fair and we can’t choose the reaction people will have. Peace got ejected and rightfully so, he will probably even serve a however many game suspension which should be upheld, regardless of the intent, some things just need universal discipline. Willy Nilly as my dad says. Willing or unwilling things are going to happen. Feelings are going to get hurt, elbows thrown. Lets just hope those elbows are thrown in celebration instead of frustration. That’s just not smart.

2 thoughts on “Willy Nilly

  1. Watching in real time looks as if he feels someone on his side and just brushes them off.. then watching slow-motion, it looks incredibly violent and malicious.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thats why I said I thought it looked like. Either way his actions were disciplined which is what matters most. #DD

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