Marketing, What Works?

If you are a sports fan, hell of course you are if you are reading this shit, then you know about the Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) K-Swiss commercials that have been popping up online lately. If you haven’t, here is the link with one of the best ones, and uncensored of course!

K-Swiss has this commercial on their website, censored. Compare the two, I still laughed at some of the parts of the censored one as well.

This is pure genius. Profanity, wit, superstars, humor, puns, and slapstick comedy. It makes me want to go out and buy a pair of tubes asap. They look dope and hell, Patrick Willis blows through  wooden walls and stomps the ground like a beast. Why wouldn’t I want to own a pair of these bad boys. K-Swiss has to do things like this to compete with huge companies such as Nike and Adidas, and they can afford to when done correctly.

Nike has “Just Do It.” Adidas has “Impossible is Nothing.” K-Swiss to me is now Kenny Powers, because it is of my generation. Sure Nike has Shox, Adidas has Climacool and Reebok has the Zig or Zag or whatever the fuck that ugly looking piece of shit is. K-Swiss has the tubes. Kenny wants to be reincarnated as a transformer with his brain, his dick, and the tubes.

So how does advertising sell a product? What about marketing? Yes they are different and both important to companies and consumers. Advertising is a public paid persuasive message or picture to let consumers see a product or what is being offered. Advertising is only a part of marketing. Marketing is the big picture with advertising, market strategy, planning, and implementation of these activities. In this you have to figure out a target market and how you feel you can best reach them to buy your product over others in what is usually a competitive field such as shoes with a ton of different brands. Age, gender, race, and use are just a few things to consider. What about trying to sell the product? What are people looking for? Longevity, comfort, performance are ones that come to my mind first.

You couldn’t go an entire hour, more or less a day without seeing advertising somewhere. Why? Because it works, plain and simple. If the message sucked, the sheer volume overload would eventually get you to buy a product. As far as I am concerned this is fucking irritating but necessary. Why? Attention spans become shorter and shorter because people expect more and more instant gratification. How do you market to this? Bright colors, loud noises, eccentric messages, vulgarity, humor etc. K-Swiss has hit this one on the head for our generation and if they keep it up, I would love to see them become a threat and make companies like Nike and Adidas shit their pants a little.