Yeah, It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile, since I could, hold my head up high….WRONG YOU ARE STAIND!  Unlike the popular rock group – I AM the almighty Gamblor and victorious I was in all 11 fantasy leagues last weekend… yes 11 leagues. I am victorious because I weigh risk against reward, and sometimes just throw that to the wind. That’s when I get my 0-11 week. YIKES! Just to give you a little insight to some of the decisions I have to make on a weekly basis, I had a tough one this week in a 16 team fantasy league….yes 16 teams. Matt Schaub is on a bye, our backup was Matt Cassel…who is now no longer the starter for the Chiefs. Fuck. And 16 teams means almost every starting QB is gone…except Matt Hasselbeck, John Skelton, and Brady Quinn. Jesus H. Christ. I was fortunate enough after waiting on waivers for two days to receive Hasselbeck….and he’s not even a good QB, but he may get me 10 points and I will take that this week…because Doug Martin already got me 33.4 points. Can you say hollllllllla?! I have Nate Washington as well…..hope this is a Krypto-Nate situation, ya feel me?!  Stay tuned to see how the Gamblor does, I’m guessing it’ll be another 11-0 week!