A Christmas Note


When we got started here a little over a year ago most of us were carefree. Caring about sports, free to write what we please, it was a great gig. It still is.

Somewhere along the line through all the hard work that we have all put forth, and the expansion into internet sports radio, I lost sight of what was important. As much as I love writing and talking about sports, I at times got distracted by doing the things that will drive us further and in turn make it more fun not just for us, but for all of you, too.

Certain things consume us in our day-to-day lives.  Whether it be good things like work, finishing school, the arrival of a new baby, or bad things like a serious illness, or money issues, nothing should block us like Joe Thomas on the grid iron from the things that are most important to us – family and friends.

Family and friends are one thing on a random Wednesday, but they mean so much more during the holiday season. I encourage everyone who puts their eyes on this to remember how important all the things they hold dear are, and let the trivial inconveniences slip away down a snowy embankment. While I realize that writing a blog and producing and hosting internet sports radio may have some air of triviality to them, I do hold them as important things to me.

I forgot to have fun doing those things, not unlike forgetting to be kind to strangers, or calling your mother more often. Christmas time is not just for presents. It’s not just for consuming large quantities of alcohol to be able to tolerate your annoying neighbors that invited themselves to your Christmas party. Christmas time is a time for sharing in singing an off-key carol and laughs as you forget what gift you wrapped for who and what paper it’s in.

As I sit here with “It’s a Wonderful Life” on in the background and the smell of our family’s traditional Christmas Eve dinner of lefse and meatballs swirling around my nose, I’m reminded that these times should not be taken for granted.

I promise to remember to have a little more fun, and make an attempt to keep the spirit of Christmas with me all year. That way I can have a new theme for my annual Christmas piece next year. I hope that all of you do the same through all of your walks of life, and all of the different hats that you wear. For now I’m off to watch George Bailey try to lasso the moon and pull it down for Mary, and eat until I’m ready to fall asleep.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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  1. Well said Chris. I completely agree with your heartfelt thoughts. I only hope more ppl read this and live each day to the fullest truly knowing whats important and whats not. I’m proud to call you my friend. Patrice

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