Jeffrey! Never Jeffrey!

FCSR_genby Chris Meinecke

ChrisDon’t get me wrong, I’m capable of understanding right from wrong.  I allow myself to see people’s point view and hear their argument. I think it takes a certain amount of skill to be in possession of such a trait.  If you look at history, the best debaters can take either side of the argument and turn even the staunchest believer in a cause or issue and turn them sideways.  I’m certainly not saying I’m any Michael Mazarr or anything, but I do have a bit of that quality.

After having written all of that to you beautiful and understanding people in the blogosphere and that take time out to read my stuff, I have to say… I can understand where Jeffrey Loria is correct.  Yes I said it.  Correct.  Again, don’t misunderstand my possible overstatement, I don’t agree with most of, if not all of his actions with the Miami Marlins franchise, but I understand.

The man is an art dealer by trade.  Not a baseball franchise owner.  The man is also a life long Yankees fan having resided in Manhattan most of his life.  Enough said.  He opened his first art dealership at the age of 24. He is now 72. As far as business sense goes, he must have a wedge of it, you don’t open such a business at that age and achieve ownership of a major American sports team by being the valley Nimrod.  That doesn’t mean he isn’t the master of douchebaggery. So much douchebaggery that from now on we’ll narrowly refer to him as “Jeff”. Whenever you hear or read me or the rest of gang say “Jeff”, Loria is who we are tagging.

Jeff has made certain to involve the people of Miami and surrounding communities in funding the newest ugly ballpark in the land. Flamboyant? Yes. Ugly? YES. Not everything flashy and colorful is beautiful.  The 2012 Marlins opening day roster was thought to be beautiful. On paper, it was. On paper, it was flamboyant. On the calculator, it was beyond colorful.  That’s where Loria’s business prowess comes in.

Jeff, for all intents and purposes, single-handedly orchestrated the fleecing storm of south Floridians, made those same people believe that the flamboyantly ugly park would house the world’s best ball players, and those players would carry them to victory and then some.  Jeff then did what he did in 2003 when his then black and teal Marlins won the World Series – dismantled the roster, this time without the parades and trophies.  Douchebaggery.

Jeff then said his club couldn’t compete in today’s economic climate and that is why his roster was gutted, mostly shuffled north of the border to Toronto, even after rejoicing in the fact that he was able to buy high-priced talent thanks to the flamboyant ugliness in Little Havana.  Huh? Build it and they will come, right? Guess not.  Douchebaggery.

I’ll close out with this tidbit – Even if you don’t agree with Jeff, you can understand his actions. Should patrons be thrown out of the park for displaying their disgust with the owner? Absolutely not. Whatever they did surely wasn’t as ugly as what was built beyond the left field wall of that stadium.

Understanding Jeff will, in the long run, help you to understand the business side of Major League Baseball better. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, you’ll just miss out on what in my opinion is the greatest game ever to be played.  You will have missed out because you refuse to focus your attention on the fun that is being had on the field, even a losing field. You will have missed out because you insist on being a front-runner instead of having a true allegiance. That type of fanaticism is down right moronic. And hey, everyone in Montreal should be worshiping Jeff.  He got the Expos out of there, which is exactly what it seemed like the “fans” wanted there.  So don’t fret Marlins fans, most of the rest of baseball won’t sniff the golden flag clad award that is given to the best team in October every year either.  That’s just the way MLB economics and politics work. 

Be thankful, at least you guys have two championship banners.