Week 9, Fool

Matt Cassista – The Soul Sista Blog Sista

Good news loyal listeners and fans. I decided I’m going to pump out an article you can enjoy this Sunday anyways despite no radio show. There’s a couple of gems in week 9 I want to discuss so lets get right too it.


Falcons (2-5) @ Panthers (4-3)

            This is one of the more exciting games for me this week. As all division games seem to have a higher intensity, this one is at a breaking point for both teams. The Panthers have never really gone into overdrive since Ron Rivera’s presence and the Falcons have not been this bad in a handful of seasons.

            With that said, I see the Panthers a better football team at this point. In their current 3 game winning Cam has 8 TD’s and 0 turnovers to show for it. He’s red hot and he’s against a Falcons defense that has shown they can be combustible at any given moment. Let’s not forget they couldn’t slow down the likes of Geno Smith a few weeks ago. Another key point is Carolina is currently ranked 3rd in the NFL in defense and I can’t name 3 WR’s currently starting for the Falcons. Not usually a good equation for success. Panthers all the way.


Saints (6-1) @ Jets (4-4)

            Lets ignore the obnoxious Ryan vs Ryan clips we are about to see during this game. The stats that say Rob does better here and Ryan does better here, whatever. This game has the likes of being dangerously exciting. Saints seem to have proven they are the best in the NFC (unless you’re willing to forgive SEA performance against the Rams last week) and Drew Brees is coming off an immaculate 5 TD performance. Jimmy Graham is another week healthier and even if he goes off another snap count…count on that being in the red zone for targets and they’ll leave the field stretching to newly returned Lance Moore who was on the better end of Brees’s performance last week as he hulled in one score himself.

            Geno is no scrub though. He has found a way to get his Busch League All-Stars to .500; a job I didn’t think was possible with this current Jets squad. Plus the Jets defense is ranked 2nd in the NFL…means Brees should only be able to throw 2 TD’s instead of 5. I’m taking the Saints on the road but don’t be surprised if this game comes down to a final possession.


Steelers (2-5) @ Patriots (6-2)

            For whatever reason the AFC North has built up this hatred towards the Patriots of New England (and understand, Patriot Fans just missed the elite 8 for worst fans in America; see last weeks show) and for what its worth, Leveon Bell appears to be something special. The man can catch and he has great vision. Despite having an aging defense and a wide receiver core of NFL team cast-offs, when the Steelers want to play quality football they can. Brady gets another week with Gronks and Medulla Amendola and so you should start to see this offense open up a little bit more. I would warrant though that just because their better players are finally on the football field, that somehow this makes them and immensely better football team. Brady’s football IQ seems to be dropping each week, he continuously has misread the defense this season and is willing to make regrettable throws. Steelers upset in Fox Boro today.


Mentionable games:

Vikings (1-6) @ Cowboys (4-4): Whoever MIN farts out at QB this week won’t be able to keep up with Cowboys offense.

Titans (3-4) @ Rams (3-5): Don’t let last week’s close game with SEA fool you. Rams are bad and their inept offense with Clemons will show up again today against stout TEN defense.

Chiefs (8-0) @ Bills (3-5): Bills lack any sort of identity as a team. Chiefs too good. Charles ties OJ’s record of consistent 100yd+ games in a row. Chiefs route Bills.

Chargers (4-3) @ Redskins (2-5): Rivers playing better than he should be, RGKnee not playing as well as he should be. Rivers lights up Redskins defense like a Xmas tree. Chargers away.

Eagles (3-5) @ Raiders (3-4): Eagles doing their best effort to avoid division lead. Some pros to Pryor and Raiders offense right now. Raiders take it at home.

Buccaneers (0-7) @ Seahawks (7-1): Buccaneers upset Jaguars are on bye because now they’ll be tied with the worst record in football.

Ravens (3-4) @ Browns (3-5): Ravens need to start to turn their season around and as long as you have Jason Cambell at helm, Browns always at risk of a loss.

Colts (5-2) @ Texans (2-5): Wayne-less Colts not enough downgrade to lose to offense-less Texans.

Bears (4-3) @ Packers (5-2): Aaron Rodgers. Lambeau Field. Monday Night. Bears have a better chance of catching scurvy by the end of this then they do with McCown leading them to victory.