These Guys are Good

Matt Cassista

Matt Cassista

Yes, let us just get passed me using a slogan that is very popular on the golf channel right now and get into the truth that these current players in the World Golf Championship are indeed very good. Half way through Golf’s March Madness equivalent, the elite 8 has surfaced after yesterday’s performances and I am just overwhelmed by the names still out there. Of the 8 remaining, 5 of the players are under the age of 26. This should come as no surprise that I dislike most of them because of this.

            Where I will start off is with one of my current favorite golfers though, Rickie Fowler. Initially slotted in the 14th seed, Fowler knocked off (3)Poultier, (7)Haas, and most recently (2)Garcia. His win against Garcia is the most talked about thing in Golf currently. Winning 1UP in the matter, golf analyst still seem to be scratching their heads on the “Good-Good” Garcia and Fowler exchanged in on hole 7. Despite only needing to drop a 6ft putt to put the pressure on Fowler’s 17 footer, the two men agreed to pick up their balls and just move on to the next hole. A win on the hole would have put the Spainard 3UP and could have potentially sealed Fowler’s fate right then and there but instead it comes back to bite him in the ass as he falls to Fowler after his late push. Now here’s where I am not going to discredit Fowler’s performance, at about the turn Fowler must have felt the sense of urgency he needed to get the job done. He dropped a 15ft put on 9 for birdie and a 12ft putt for birdie on 10 to bring it within one. Fowler goes on to close the door on Garcia with another 15 footer on 16 for birdie and a chip in for birdie on 18. Seen as one of the heavier favorites for the Masters and most tournaments nowadays, it was surely a devastating blow for Sergio.

            Another impressive match was Spieth defeating reigning champ Kuchar 2 in 1. Kuchar should consider it a good day to only lose by two holes to the youngster Jordan Spieth. At 20 years old, the 1 year pro showed utter dominance from start to finish leading in 14 of the 18 holes Friday. I couldn’t help but marvel as Spieth found shot after shot hovering around the pin. This kid doesn’t seem like a flash in the pan, he’s going to be a name you are going to hear a lot of in the coming years. 

            Last key match to note was Jim Furyk defeating Harry English. English was riding high after winning in extra holes the day before to Rory McLLroy and jumping out to a 3UP lead on Furyk through the first six holes. All signs pointed to English having the hot hand. However, as seasoned as Mr Furyk may be, I repeatedly heard “98 yards out, this should be right in Furyk’s wheelhouse with the wedge….Oh will you look at that? That can’t be but 4ft from the hole.” Furyk shot a -4 on the back 9 and it proved to be too much for English to keep up with. Furyk advances to the 4th round for the first time in his prolonged career.


Quick Predictions:

(8)Oosthuizen def (2)Day: Day still seen as one of the best golfers in the world but struggled mightily yesterday and Oosthuizen bombed Henson and Simpson of the water winning those matches 4 in 3 and 5 in 4.


(14)Fowler def (5)Furyk: Fowler found his groove late and playing with a lot of confidence right now. Furyk has been at least 2DN in every match so far. It’s finally going to catch up to him.


(3)Spieth def (8)Els: Els looks like he’s not in tune with his new set of Adams clubs yet and I can’t stop talking great things about Jordan Spieth.


(7)Dubuisson def (4)McDowell: The Frenchman may be really bad at interviews but he’s really good at striking the ball. McDowell is just lucky everyone he has played so far has had their worst round in years. I’m not impressed with McDowell on any level right now. Expect Dubuisson to do another 1,000 shoulder shrugs in his victory interview.