The Situation with Stewart

by The Bad Baby

- The Bad Baby

– The Bad Baby

If you hate Tony Stewart, he is a murderer. If you love Tony Stewart, he would never do something like this on purpose and tried to move out-of-the-way. If you are indifferent, you must be a law student or lawyer ready to chomp at the bit, or keyboard trolling at least.  As I type this, the video of Stewart hitting Kevin Ward Jr is playing in the background over and over. I keep watching it, and my conclusion is this: “These were two unfortunate choices that ended in catastrophe when combined.”

Kevin Ward Jr exited his winged sprint car after making contact with Stewart and getting spun into the wall, rupturing a tire and ending his run. Ward narrowly is missed by another driver(the blue and white #45) as the caution flag has been thrown and cars are slowing down. He continues down the track, in a black suit, black helmet, and black shoes, on a brown dirt track, with dim lighting, pointing a finger at Stewart’s traditional #14. This is when it all goes wrong. Sprint cars are not driven like normal cars. You don’t turn left to go left. Winged sprint cars, on dirt, are driven with throttle more so than steering.  In order to go left, you turn right. This is exactly what happens when Stewart sees Ward at the last second, he hits the throttle to wiggle the car around him, but it fails and Ward is hurtled by 800 hp spinning the rear wheels.

At least this is what I see. If you hate Stewart, you see him trying to intimidate a driver by gassing it a little at him, and realizing the driver was not going to lose by playing chicken. If you love Stewart, Ward Jr should never have been on the damn racing surface in the first place.  No one will ever truly know what was going through Stewart or Ward Jr’s minds. It was a tragic day for racing across the country and no one should have to lose their lives before they can live to old age. Accidents happen all the time, and this one could have been avoided.

Hindsight is 20/20.