2014 Funnel Cake Top 100 Fantasy Football Rankings

How many mock drafts have you done? How many magazines and papers have you rolled over, uh we
mean poured over?

Dissatisfaction with the norms that usually come with fantasy football rankings each year led some of us here to make our own lists. You’ll find some surprises, some not so, but we all know that information is power. We are not clouded by the bullshit that comes along with polliticing in the golden age of non-sourced, big box media.

We’re fans like we’ve always been. We’ve been doing this long enough to say that yeah, we are experts -damn it. Take a few seconds to see what Matt Whitfield & Chris Meinecke are plotting with their rankings. 

Matt Whitfield AKA Fantasy FailHorn


Chris Meinecke

Chris Meinecke