Ass or Elephant?

Whew! It’s been awhile. I might be a little rusty so be patient.  Been quite a week these past 7 days. Elections, NBA, and of course football.  But lets talk whats on everyone’s mind. Elections or more appropriately, the results.

ImageEveryone knows there are three things you don’t discuss: money (or sex), politics, and religion.  Here at BLFC we do our best to discuss everything, so these topics are never too much for us.  For me personally, I don’t discuss my political beliefs simply because most people either a.) Can’t hold up their end of the argument or b.) are so caught up in the argument they can’t reasonably agree to disagree.  I tend to fall towards the first, but not because I don’t care, because if I did as much research as I’d like to, I’d become so disheartened and frustrated that I’d rather stay ignorant and foolish. So in light of that, I am republican and yes, I voted for Romney/Ryan.  Not because I think abortion should be banned, we can discuss my stance on that at later date, but because they more closely line up with my personal beliefs than the democrats do. I don’t care if my president is white, black, hispanic, or whatever else. I do care that he sticks to his word and does his best to improve America.

In my eyes it’s what can I do for my country NOT what my country can do for me…which sadly, is where I believe most of the population is going…how much help can I get off the government so I don’t have to struggle to find a job or pay my bills, or do the work to figure out what healthcare coverage is best for me and why I need a job to afford it. SMH. Please don’t misunderstand me, I know personally, that there are many people who struggle with finding a job and truly need government programs for food and a roof over their heads. But there are also those who lazily would rather depend on someone else than standing on their own two feet as difficult as it might be.  These are the people who get my wrath.  Perhaps we can all take a note from the Michigan man who suffered cardiac arrest while voting. CPR was performed and he was revived, and before they took him to the hospital he asked his wife to ensure that he had voted. Yes people. This man died, was brought back to life, and still wanted to make sure he voted. Now obviously I don’t know who he voted for, but the fact that his vote mattered so much to him?! Kudos my brother.

OK. Enough political talk. Shake it off.

Did you hear about the Chicago fans who traveled to Nashville for the Bears Vs. Titans game this past week?? Not only did they see the Bears demolish the Titans they also cleaned some out their taverns of tapped beer! As a Packer fan and Wisconsinite I gotta say–we need to step it up people! Bears fans are getting headlines as drunks! Is Wisconsin not #1 on that list? We’re slacking and I am ashamed. I too need to pick up the slack. Bottoms up Packer fans, whether it’s PBR, Milwaukee’s Best, or Miller Lite, use this bye week to prepare and make GB proud!


You can find the article here with a nice video to go along:

Lets finish with a quick NBA roll up (we have to get back to our mundane lives) so thanks for sharing your time with me.  Miami is on fire, Brown is out in LA after a 1-4 start (who knew!?), Nash is hurt, and is anyone talking about the Bucks? I know my brother is. As for me, I’ll be Keeping my eye out for Lam-Lam and Khloe Kardashian.

Stay safe out there people. Don’t drive drunk, and whether you’re democrat, republican, or anything in between, be grateful for the ability to vote, to cast your opinion and have the freedom to speak out. Pray for those who would take advantage of that and for those who use it inappropriately. Remember: “One Nation Under God.” You might not like it, but its the foundation that built this great country. We’d all do well to keep that front and center.

Oh! And if you want a nice pick-me-up this week check out the new addition above my hubby and I acquired. Isn’t she cute!? #DoubleD


Rookies and Rabble


So I had my first Wrigley field experience. Kinda spur of the moment but oh so worth it. The only problem is as I sit here and try to write baseball I find myself thinking football. The opening 2012 NFL season game is 7 days away and while I will be cruising to the hopefully lovely Bahamas, believe me when I say that game better be on a television somewhere on that cruise ship. My fantasy leagues are all set and primed to go. We have our own blfc league this year which could shape up to be a spousal rivalry! And I won’t lie, Russel Wilson is my sleeper who I’m hoping will have a dominating rookie year. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’m relying on 2 rookie QB’s this year but that’s what happens when you have autodraft pick your team and a prospect you picked up hoping that he has a good year. For those of you wondering Cam Newton is my starting QB. Let the smack talk and laughing begin. NFL should have an interesting season this year not only because of the referee lockout but also because it is such a rookie, and Tebow, dominated sports centered off season. If you listen to our broadcasts you’ll understand the Tebow reference 🙂

One thing’s for sure I cannot wait for kickoff! But back to baseball and Wrigley.

I have never been to any Chicago land sports arena and given the rivalry in all sports between Wisconsin and Illinois I admit I was a bit nervous. It’s one thing to have the scrubs in our own ballpark, an entire new one to be on their turf, even if they lost. To their credit the cubs fans were a lot nicer than I expected. Even the vendors were friendly and joked about us wearing the wrong jerseys. The park itself we all know is nostalgic. Being set downtown, to see all the architecture is truly a sight and it gives you a feel for what an old school ball game would have been like; scoreboards in then stands so you knew what inning you were in for example and my favorite part–live rendition of “take me out to the ball game”.

It is definitely a different experience from Miller Park. The noise level is bigger in my opinion. Music is not played as much so you hear the crowd more than anything and being built where and when it was the field seems shorter and as a fan you appear to be closer, least for our seats in section 216. Some might call Wrigley a dump, but for me, one game under my belt, I call it an experience worthy of an Brewer-Cub rivalry. Thanks to the fans for making it an enjoyable memory and to the Brewers for giving us a win. Now onto football!!

Shoes to blame?

Let us pause for a minute of silence for E!’s Khloe and Lamar….
Yes sports fans it is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of the Odom’s television tour. Now lest we forget the rest of the Kardashian clan signed soem 3 year $40 ka-jillion dollar deal so we will still be able to keep up with them (gag), but with Odom off the court and Khloe “tired of filming” I am sad I will have to find a new tv family to follow; anyone know what time that basketball wives show is on? I need to do some research. On the upside, Lamar can get back to what I think failed him coming into the latest basketball season–conditioning/practice.

Anyone else read the tweet by a Nike shoe designer almost implying that DRose’s ACL injury was due to his choice of branding ADIDAS instead of Nike, why else would LJ be improving and Rose hurting? My “boys” @PTI made me chuckle at this story; do people really feel they have so much influence on a player that their shoes are to blame for injuries? As Mike Wilbon pointed out, Ricky Rubio is out for the season and he wore Nike. Lets hope injuries from here on out aren’t based on shoe size. What a sad sad world would that be.

On the bright side, maybe the players could get into those skele-toes shoes??? I’d like me a pair of those.

Enjoy the playoffs my friends! … & Go Brewers!