The Bowl Series: BCS Championship

Eye of the Tiger? Fear the Spear?

Chris Meinecke

Chris Meinecke

Turnaround is a funny concept. You could turnaround to find that your favorite drink has suddenly appeared. You could turnaround in your car when you forget your wallet. You could even turnaround something non-tangible, like a football season.

Now I’m not saying that this Auburn football squad needed to turn their season around, but let’s face it – they weren’t doing the Carlton toward the inner ring of the National Championship talk. The Tiger’s, in fact, were a bit lackluster. With unimpressive home wins over Washington State and Mississippi State in week’s 1 and 3, followed by a 35-21 loss in Baton Rouge to their LSU Tiger counterparts, it looked like the road ahead in the SEC might be a longer, tougher one than head coach Gus Malzahn had hoped for. Malzahn kept his group focused however and it paid off. The payoff was such that they beat a once thought of as unstoppable Alabama team on one of the craziest plays you’ll ever witness with a 100 yard missed field goal for a touchdown to shock the world. It was a whole lot of fate, even more luck, and maybe a dab of “The Crimson Tide are who we thought they were!” (ask the Sugar Bowl Champ Oklahoma Sooners about that).

Over on the ‘Noles side of things, it was a rough-shot run through the ACC. With the sexual assault allegations hanging over the heads of the team and most importantly QB Jameis Winston, Florida State overcame contriversy and prevailed to a 12-0 record. With the only sniff of faltering being a 48-34 win at Boston College in September, it stands to figure that they were bound for glory much like their 1990’s Bobby Bowden led Tallahassee ancestors. This team has been world beaters and did quite enough to help a scandalized superstar win the Heisman Trophy. Some might say that Florida State would have accomplished the same success if they were in the all too in-your-face SEC. Now we get to see how that might look vs. Auburn.

The brass tacks: Auburn’s defense is not good. Momentum is always a good thing and Auburn caught that in a big way by beating ‘Bama. The Seminoles has momentum from the word go. With a month off since both team’s last games – Who will have the momentum swing in the right direction in the biggest game of the season? You might think this an easy pick and truly it is not. Most every prediction I’ve seen is nearly split 50/50. FSU outscored opponents 689-139, and as mentioned before, The Tigers D is awful. Is that enough for me to pick the ‘Noles? Yes, but maybe not in a blowout.

Florida State 37 – Auburn 29