These Great Games

20120726-143632.jpgI can’t help but realize that the Audi automobile symbol is very similar to the Olympic rings. Or it might possibly be that almost everything right now is reminding me of the Olympics.

Now that being said, I couldn’t begin to tell you all of the ins and outs of Team USA. Everyone knows the stars. Most people know the bigger story lines. What draws us to these games is the unique aspect and viewing intrigue. Even the hardcore sports fan doesn’t follow track and field or archery contests, and if you do, congrats.

When you have a chance to watch rowing, fencing, or relay racing in the middle of the afternoon, or better yet in replay at 1 a.m. in your time zone, that is something to behold as special. In the day and age of complaining about professional sports leagues in the United States running too long and the players being paid outrageous sums of money, the Olympics are a safe haven. If for no other reason, sports fans should appreciate the level of competition and lack of overuse or salary that is the Olympics.

We’re allotted Olympic Games only every two years. The Olympics are something that we can all get around and root for. Cheer for your country, your favorite sports or competition, and remember that even if you can’t catch every inch of coverage, it’s still possible to have a tear come to your eye when a particularly inspiring athlete drapes a flag on his back after winning a grueling game or match.

The 2012 Summer Games are ramping up in London, and a fever pitch is already in the air. As we slowly get started with the competition of the individual sports, the whirlwind of excitement will only rise.

When you feel like you might have had just about enough of your favorite baseball team imploding in the eighth inning, or grown tired of basketball trade rumors for grown men who occasionally act like small children throwing fits and conniptions in a dollar store, look to the London games for solace.

Enjoy the spectacle of the opening ceremonies. Have conversations about how much you like the Brazilian outfits, or how much it angers you that the USA outfits were outsourced to China. No matter what you do, enjoy every moment of these games that you can soak in; it’ll be four years until your cravings can be quelled once more.