David Beckham, Not Finished Yet?

France Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain has offered David Beckham an 18 month contract worth over $17.9 million. Beckham made just $6.5 million this past season playing for the MLS L.A. Galaxy, in which he was an integral part of them capturing the MLS cup. Beckham has options at the end of December when he fulfills his L.A. contract, but this is a lucrative one. He has discussed returning home to London to play for the Tottenham Hotspur, staying with the Galaxy, or moving on to Paris.

David Beckham

Beckham has shown that he is not finished yet in his fine career where has captured three different titles in three different countries for three different teams(Manchester United, Real Madrid, and the L.A. Galaxy). His career has been a good one with a large following wherever he went, even through turmoil at points in his career. I believe whoever signs Beckham will be getting a great player, he is in good form still, the only downside was the lack (used lightly) of competition from the other American clubs. With a stiff training regimen he will be a productive midfielder and will offer plenty of assists and fantastic corner kicks.

Beckham has reported that he wants to do what is best for his family, but noted that he will keep a home in Beverly Hills regardless, which many feel means he will be leaving the Galaxy to return to a European club.  Money talks in this world, and I would be shocked if Beckham turns down an offer from a club currently in first place as it is. He would join a talented midfield with Jeremy Menez and Pastore, and would help create space for their strikers Nene, and Gameiro. He has lost some of his speed as he has aged, but his touch is unprecedented at 36 years of age, and has gained maturity from his Real Madrid days where he had 41 yellow cards and 4 red cards.  In closing I just have one more thing to say:

 Accueillir à Paris, maintenant donner un coup de pied la fichue balle.

(Welcome to Paris, now kick the fucking ball.)