What I’m Looking Forward to: Week of February 15th, 2015

by Chris Meinecke


As we get ready to start a new week here on planet Earth, the things I’m looking forward to for the week of February 15th, 2015 are here…

Nookin’ pa nub… Otay!

Saturday Night Live celebrates its 40th anniversary Sunday with a 4+ hour live show that will include an obligatory “red carpet” show an hour before the start of the show at 8 pm eastern time on NBC. Don’t expect glitzy gowns and tuxedos unless they’re used in a comedic way – see Lloyd & Harry in Dumb and Dumber. The show will mark the first time Eddie Murphy will return to studio 8H to bury the hatchet and make amends after his departure in 1984. I’m curious to see if Buckwheat is truly dead after being shot in front of 30 Rock all those years ago, or if Gumby is still really that hostile DAMNIT! Another making amends potential would be between Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. If you don’t know that story, they’ve never been found of each other. This, again, because the cast in the beginning years felt like Chase left them high and dry. So many feuds in this shows history. Either way if you’re a red-blooded fan who’s been watching the show since they were 6 years old in some form or another, you’ll enjoy this. It’s just too bad that Don Pardo won’t be there.

And seriously, if you really feel the need to show God you love him, go straight Gandhi on his ass.


February 17th marks Fat Tuesday. You know how this goes. You load up on shaming gluttony the day before you’re supposed to make a sacrifice to God to show him how much you care. I’ve never really understood this. To me it’s Tony Bag O'Doughnutsanother reasons for humans to pile drive empty calories into their stupie-holes. And seriously, if you really feel the need to show God you love him, go straight Gandhi on his ass. If that doesn’t convince him, then go back to the hookers and drug taking because he’s a complete hypocrite. That, or he’s looking for the smiting staff he dropped in the clouds and can’t see now because of his giant white beard. Shit, I hate when that happens. In full honesty, I don’t care about Fat Tuesday or Lent. In most honesty, I have been trying pretty hard to change my food and alcohol consumption habits since last fall, but I’d be lying through my teeth if I didn’t say that I was looking forward to a doughnut… or a paczki… whatever the fuck you call them.

I can pull out some lyrical styling on Wednesday and spit some words from Lil’ Wayne’s spin “February 18th”.  My only guess here is that there is only so many “bitches and hoes” you can use in a hip-hop song title until it’s a worn Wheezy F-ind a shirtout gesture. I also believe that it might be a significant day in his life as he was paroled on that day. Occasionally people write songs about yellow roses of Texas, or pink Cadillac’s. How Wheezy F baby. He celebrates in tune when he was able to shed the county orange. “Ahem. Young money in charge.

Until next week…