Keep it Classy Ladies

Walmart never ceases to amaze me. Only there can you see a grown woman in her 40’s sporting a “Pimptress” tattoo proudly inked across her chest for all the world to see. With that being said lets talk about smut man!

Walmart: Where else can you get quality at rollback prices?

Lamar Odom

I’m not a big basketball fan. If you ask my honest opinion I don’t understand why these athletes have some of the highest paid salaries in sports, next to MLB of course, for running up and down a court and bouncing a ball. Yes…it is a sport and they have some real skills, but I don’t see them putting their lives, or body, on the line like NASCAR drivers and NFL wide receivers. I know I will never be in a position to stop working so that my boss can figure out which television network will get the biggest piece of the prize…that is of course if I marry a Kardashian!! What!? It works for what’s his name….Odom? Or am I thinking Kris Humphries…I can’t keep track….the K’s goes through so many sports figures. I should know, I keep up with those Kardashian’s! 

Isn’t it sad that at one point we actually knew these people by the sports they played and the accomplishments they attained, like for instance stats, rings, charity work, etc?  Now we only know them by arrests, divorce, and baby mama drama. Even my beloved Ryan Braun is now tainted by a doping scandal all because he couldn’t keep it in his pants and needed some Valtrex! (Don’t worry T-plush we still got your beast mode).

 All I’m saying is if I want to get my sports news, I would like to not have to pick up the latest issue of US, People, or E!.  Can’t we get it the old fashion way people? ESPN and televised sporting events (or even a newspaper if those exist in a decade).

By the way, has anyone seen the new 2011 Kardashian Christmas card? Me either…Kim’s ass is still in the way…

Two Asses