Rookies and Rabble


So I had my first Wrigley field experience. Kinda spur of the moment but oh so worth it. The only problem is as I sit here and try to write baseball I find myself thinking football. The opening 2012 NFL season game is 7 days away and while I will be cruising to the hopefully lovely Bahamas, believe me when I say that game better be on a television somewhere on that cruise ship. My fantasy leagues are all set and primed to go. We have our own blfc league this year which could shape up to be a spousal rivalry! And I won’t lie, Russel Wilson is my sleeper who I’m hoping will have a dominating rookie year. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’m relying on 2 rookie QB’s this year but that’s what happens when you have autodraft pick your team and a prospect you picked up hoping that he has a good year. For those of you wondering Cam Newton is my starting QB. Let the smack talk and laughing begin. NFL should have an interesting season this year not only because of the referee lockout but also because it is such a rookie, and Tebow, dominated sports centered off season. If you listen to our broadcasts you’ll understand the Tebow reference 🙂

One thing’s for sure I cannot wait for kickoff! But back to baseball and Wrigley.

I have never been to any Chicago land sports arena and given the rivalry in all sports between Wisconsin and Illinois I admit I was a bit nervous. It’s one thing to have the scrubs in our own ballpark, an entire new one to be on their turf, even if they lost. To their credit the cubs fans were a lot nicer than I expected. Even the vendors were friendly and joked about us wearing the wrong jerseys. The park itself we all know is nostalgic. Being set downtown, to see all the architecture is truly a sight and it gives you a feel for what an old school ball game would have been like; scoreboards in then stands so you knew what inning you were in for example and my favorite part–live rendition of “take me out to the ball game”.

It is definitely a different experience from Miller Park. The noise level is bigger in my opinion. Music is not played as much so you hear the crowd more than anything and being built where and when it was the field seems shorter and as a fan you appear to be closer, least for our seats in section 216. Some might call Wrigley a dump, but for me, one game under my belt, I call it an experience worthy of an Brewer-Cub rivalry. Thanks to the fans for making it an enjoyable memory and to the Brewers for giving us a win. Now onto football!!